Tuesday, February 12, 2013

An update!

Hello friends!

I will not be podcasting this week as I have dealt with a pretty horrible stomach bug and am still recovering. I'm finally sleeping at night and feeling better so I hope that things will be back to normal in no time.

In other news, more raffle donations have been added to the list! Make sure to check it out - we're nearly at 40 donations! Y'all amaze me :) Donation List

Vickie of Bird Leg Bags has seen, approved, and ordered specialty Josh fabric for bags and I'm excited to announce that they will be up and for sale at the end of next week at the very latest! I will announce when they are officially available in the lemknitcrochet designs group and on plurk, but Vickie's facebook page will also be a great source of information as well. If you haven't liked her page yet - what're you waiting for, go do it! Bird Leg Bags facebook page

Maegan of The Cyborgs Craft Room has exciting news as well....we are now adding a WORSTED option for Without Borders! She hopes to get some dyed up and in the shop this week. Again, I will post in the lemknitcrochet designs group and on plurk when I know more information. You can also follow Maegan's Ravelry group for more information. The Cyborgs Craft Room Ravelry group

Speaking of Maegan....the first round of combo kits went out last week and the goodies are finally being revealed! I have included a special pin that is exclusive to the first 10 kits purchased. HOWEVER! I still have a few more of them and they may be popping up in the future....:) For the next combo kits, I have included a different pin that is still very special. I will show both pins on the podcast next week.

With the enormous amount of prize donations I'm getting a little worried on shipping costs. For that reason, all profits from the sales of my patterns through March 31 will be used for shipping costs. Anything leftover will be donated to Josh's fundraiser! You can also click the PayPal donation link on my blog to send me a direct donation if you feel inclined to, all money will be used for shipping costs. My design page on Ravelry and Etsy shop

Please remember you MUST send me an email or Ravelry message to be included in the list. All it takes is a $5 donation for a spot on the spreadsheet. Which speaking of the fundraiser....


If you haven't donated yet, it's never too late. Fundraising will go through March 31 so you still have plenty of time! Check out the page! Josh's Fundraising page

I am beyond thrilled and can't thank all of y'all enough for your support.

Hugs and see y'all next week!

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