Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Huge Announcement

Hello my friends!

Brace yourselves because I have some big news. This morning, I received the dreaded email I’ve been waiting for from BlipTV. My podcast channel is set to be deleted within 30 days and I can no longer upload new episodes to it.

I have been going through so many changes lately, I have not had time to sit down and breathe - let alone sit down and record a podcast. With my new job and the potential for a full time teaching position in the future, I have been thinking a lot about the future of the podcast. With a heavy heart, I have come to the decision that I will no longer continue the lemknitcrochet designs podcast.

While this may come as a shock to some of you and catch you off guard, I admit that I have been preparing to stop recording by the end of this year. I have enjoyed sharing my knitting, crocheting, and designing adventures with all of y’all. However, I have found that I would prefer to continue sharing my adventures through Ravelry instead of through a podcast format. I hope y’all can understand that while I could go to YouTube and other free channels to upload old or new episodes, it would just sap time from me that I just don’t have anymore.

I don’t know if BlipTV will stick to their word or not - but if they do, all my podcast episodes will be deleted within 30 days. I will not be uploading them elsewhere. After that time frame, there will be no links or places to access the podcast. My iTunes store is acting up so I have no way of checking whether the podcast episodes are even still available for download from iTunes - but after 30 days they won’t be. This is your heads up - if you want to download any old episodes or re-watch anything, download it now or they will all be gone for good. I will also be deleting my podcasting posts off of my blog. I plan to use my blog in the future as a real blog with pictures and announcements about my designs.

I am sad to let the podcast go without getting to say goodbye on air, but I will be continuing on with my designs and many awesome KALs in the future. I have a fun new KAL for November planned that I will be hosting with a very talented indie dyer, but I will announce details about it in this group in the next few days. So basically, the group will continue and stay the same - just without the video podcasts. I hope y’all stick around with me and continue to have fun in the lemknitcrochet designs group.

Thank you for making podcasting fun for me,